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Food Security

Food & Nutrition

Hunger has been a major problem in India for long. Study shows that a hungry child cannot learn, nor can a hungry person work effectively. Malnourished pregnant women give births to children, who are underweight, suffer retarded growth, have learning difficulty, and suffer many other birth defects. Despite the economic growth in specific areas, 25% of world's poor population still lives in India, 43% of the children under the age of five years are malnourished and a child dies every 15 seconds in India due to neonatal diseases while 2 million children die before reaching their fifth birthday. Half of all pregnant women in India suffer from anemia. These figures are shocking but unfortunately factual.

In the past 5 years Tayyab Trust provided millions of uncooked meals as part of food aid to the victims of natural disasters, fasting Muslims in Ramadan, and regular monthly food support to the deserving widows and elderly.

The food Packs contain quality raw food materials such as rice, flour, pulses, edible oil, sugar, team, powder milk and other ready to eat-easy to cook food products.