Tayyab Trust Skill development Deoband

Socio Economic Development

Income Generation

Poverty is directly related to lack of capacity in generating sufficient income for the family. Through various programs such a Skill Development, Training on Home based businesses, Upgrading prior learned skills, Demo classes for creative ideas, Awareness of Government Schemes for income generation etc. Tayyab trust has been actively training the disadvantage family for income generation. It additionally provides financial help for small business start up, support in participating as SHGs and placement opportunities.

Mass Marriage

Local customs and traditions mount social pressure on parents, especially of the poor girls to fulfill a minimum arrangement of clothes, household items and a feast at the marriage ceremony. This is not always to be confused with dowry, but it is the minimum requirement for a couple to live independent of their parents. In case that the bride and the groom both come from a poor family, Tayyab Trust arranges group marriages in which expenses for the mass marriage ceremony are paid by the Trust.

Individual Marriages