Tayyab Trust Skill development Deoband

Tayyab Hospital and Educational Trust commonly known, as “Tayyab Trust”, is a charitable organization with multiple charitable programs in the sector of relief & rehabilitation, affordable healthcare, skill building for the unemployed youth and poverty alleviation. The Trust has been granted FCRA, 12A, and 80G certifications by the government of India. We have partnered with various renowned national and international humanitarian organizations for delivering their projects in India.

  • We own a debt free multispecialty 35-bed hospital with modern facilities and qualified medical and paramedical staff. Facilities include Operation Theater, ultrasound, x-ray, pathology lab, physiotherapy, weight loss center, ambulance and mobile clinic. For more details visit www.tayyabhospital.com

  • We have a professional office space of 4000 sq.ft with offices of the trustees, boardroom, accounts office, a complete hi-tech video studio for documentary making, computer room with 10 computers and other necessary peripherals and one multi purpose hall for training and workshops. We also have a small office in New Delhi with a basic infrastructure to accommodate 2-3 staff members.

  • We have a highly qualified and experienced medical staff that includes MBBS doctors, BUMS and BAMS doctors, GNM nurses, pathologist and radiologist. The administrative staff includes proposal writer, feedback report writer, chartered accountant, lawyer, short documentary scriptwriter, cameraman and a film editor. We have a multi faith, multicast staff, coming from diverse social and economical backgrounds. The staff also includes two differently abled persons who are appointed on data entry and feedbacks reports.

  • We take special pride in our nationwide network of volunteers in every state and district of India, through which we have been able to provide disasters relief within days of its occurrence.

  • We have a written procurement policy with a clearly stated conflict of interest clause, a recruitment policy, management guidelines, and job profiles for each employee.

  • We believe in timely and efficient delivery of the project, transparency in financial handling, and honesty in feedback to the donors.

  • We work purely on humanitarian basis without any bias of religion, cast, color, language, or the regions of the country.

  • Mission Vision

    The Mission: Tayyab Trust endeavors to provide sustainable solutions to poverty and hunger, affordable healthcare, minimize the gap of skilled workforce in the country, relief & rehabilitation to the victims of disasters.

    The Vision: We want to achieve our vision by identifying and systematically working for impoverished and vulnerable section of the society by deploying innovative methods, technologies, and building strategic partnerships with the Government, National/ International developmental organisations for an SMART project delivery.

    Our Inspirations
    The World is One Family : Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
    “The entire humanity is God’s family, and God loves him most from among this family, who benefits the family most.”
    Prophet Mohammad (SA)

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has”
    Margret Mead

    Staying Focused
    If you do not know where you are going, every road leads to nowhere”
    Henry Kissinger

    “Truth never damages a cause that is just”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Lesson Learning
    “It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
    Albert Einstein