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Water & Sanitation     Video Presentation

Key Objectives and Facts

594 million people in India still defecate in open, which is over 50% of the total population and only a quarter of India’s population have safe cleaning water within their premises necessitating a need for tremendous work to be carried out by civil society organization in this area. Tayyab Trust is constantly working towards narrowing this wide gap by providing facilities for WASH at selected locations. On one part we constantly work to provide clean water for the residents of water deprived communities, on the other, we educate them for safe hygiene practices and give them tips on water conservation.

Hand Pumps

In the past 2 years, more than 200 hand pumps have been installed in urban and rural slums, shelters and camps of disaster victims and in other areas where there was no provision of clean drinking water, and water for their wash.

Water Wells

Water Well project aims to provide easy access to clean drinking water to those in need.


Tayyab Trust team of experts conducts hygiene awareness and training programs for making the masses aware about the importance and advantages of hygiene in their lives and development.

For more information please contact Mr. Asim Qasmi, Chairman Tayyab Trust at info@tayyabtrust.org