Tayyab Trust Skill development Deoband
Uttrakhand Relief

In June 2013, Devastating flood and land slide caused havoc in North Indian State of Uttrakhand claiming over 30000 lives. Tayyab Trust emergency response team responded immediately with medical aid and food aid in various affected villages.

Muzaffar Nagar Riots

The muzaffarnagar riots in September 2013 have been described as one of the worst communal clashes in recent history because of mass displacement it witnessed. Approximately 1, 00,000 peoples were uprooted from their native villages. Tayyab Trust has been at the fore front from early on providing medical aid, food aid, and shelter and winter relief. For rehabilitation of these Muzaffar Nagar riots victims, 500 houses have been constructed and 250 houses are under construction

Nepal Earthquake

In April 2015, Nepal Earthquake over 9000 died and more than 23000 injured. Thousands of people became homeless, and hundreds of buildings were destroyed. As a responsible neighbor, Tayyab Trust responded within 3rd day of the disaster sending its medical team who stayed there for over one week treating thousands of patients. In Gorkha district 16 houses were built for those who lost their houses in the Earthquake.

Kashmir Flood

In September 2014, devastating flood hit Kashmir and many people became homeless. It was very critical situation for the Kashmirees. Tayyab Trust team reached there within 48 hours and continued their restless efforts by providing medical aid, food aid, winter relief, and livelihood support.

Bihar fire Outbreak

The indent claimed over a thousand houses. Poor villager lost their homes and lifetime savings. While thousand in Saharsah (Bihar) lost their houses in the recent fire tragedy. 67 people died and thousands of people lost their everything including house. Tayyab Trust sent its emergency response team to assess the loss and conduct a thorough survey for emergency relief work. Tayyab Trust reaches out to the needy, distributed 200 food packs and clothes. The trust also conducted a medical camp for emergency medical aid attending over 500 people.

Chennai Flood

In November- December 2015, the worst hit area of Chennai floods was Qaida Millat nagar, where walls and roofs of the houses were completely washed away. Approximately 500 people were killed and over 1.8 million people were displaced. There were a huge loss of lives and houses. Tayyab Trust team reached within days of disaster providing medical aid and food aid to the affected population in various places.

Latur drought

In April 2016, Latur was affected by drought and approximately 10 lakh lives suffered by water crisis. Within few weeks, many lives were lost and the temperature increased day by day. A team of Tayyab Trust along with local volunteers has already identified the areas in latur districts, where water tankers are to be distributed. Tayyab Trust distributed 600 water tankers of 6000 liters capacity each in urban slums, villages and other poor areas in the district of Latur. Each beneficiary family will be provided 200 liters of clean water every day for taking care of their daily needs.

Bihar Flood

In July 2016, Devastating flood in Bihar displaced many people. Tayyab Trust team went from Deoband with Medical Aid and Food Aid to KishanGanj and Saharsa District and helped so many poor and deserving peoples. Medical camp was also set up many times and Food pack with one month ration was also distributed among them. Media group was also appreciated Tayyab Trust work.

Nation Wide Skill Building Of Unemployed Youth

India is set to experience a dynamic transformation as the population burden of the past turned into a demographic divided. This is only possible through training & skill of unemployed youth for making them a partner in the growth of the country. Contrarily we were inheriting the largest no. of unemployed youth in the history of the world. Tayyab trust established many centre for unemployed youth in different region of all over India. Our centre established in Deoband, Nanota, Kashipur, Jaspur, Haldwani, Khatima, Saharanpur, Champaran (Bihar), Guwahati(Assam) , Srinagar(Kashmir) etc, in which many courses has been taught such as – IT & Craft , Home Décor, Fashion Designing, Driving, Mason, Beautician, Desktop Publishing , Social media, Hardware networking and assembling etc.

Low cost Housing Project

For the uprooted families of Muzaffar Nagar riots and poor, needy and deserving peoples, 500 low cost housing has been constructed for their rehabilitation. Houses were built in Sunehti, Panjeet and Kandhla. 250 houses are under construction. In Sunehti 315 houses, in Panjeet 150, in Kandhla 250 houses were built. These peoples had lost their identities in riots, but due to this colony they get their identity again. Government of India issue them a Adhar card and identity proof and provide all basic needs such as – food, water , electricity, road, sanitation, employment, education etc. This is the first ever colony constructed by Tayyab Trust that no other NGO has constructed.

Poverty alleviation

The poverty Alleviation program is a continuing long term project, which has shown positive outcomes in the span of 1 year. Factors contributing to the poverty were identified through studies, surveys, discussion with socially active community leaders. In this project, Tayyab Trust helped the poor and needy people by providing scholarship to the poor students, income generation of unemployed youth, food aid and medical aid support to the widows, and built houses for these deserving peoples. Thousands of people get benefitted through these projects.

Ashiyana Project

“Ashiyana Project” really earned praises from every part of the community for constructing houses for families who never dreamed of having their own house ever 50 families from various mohallas of Deoband & various communities including non-Muslims were carefully selected out of the total surveyed 500 families.

Tayyab Hospital Deoband

A 50 bedded multi specialty hospital offering OPD, IPD, Operation Theatre, X-Ray , Ultrasound, 24 hours ambulance facility, Mobile clinic, Pathology lab, Medical store, Physiotherapy, Gynecologist, Dental care, Eye care, Unani Hakeem, MBBS doctor and professional nursing staff. Tayyab Hospital offers various charitable projects to the poor & needy in Deoband and vicinity.

Healthcare 365

In rural areas where medical facilities or qualified medical practitioners are not available or not affordable, Tayyab Trust organizes free medical camps. This project is often shared with renowned hospitals such as Apollo Hospital, Max Hospital and Escort Hospital. On an average 100 camps are organized nationwide every year diagnosing and treating thousands of patients.

Medical camps

Tayyab Trust organized free medical camps in local and rural areas, where medical facilities or qualified medical practitioners are not available. Approximately 100 camps are organized nationwide every year, treating and diagnoses thousands of patient. With the observation of patients, free medicines were also given to the patients and those found to be more serious cases were admitted for further treatment.

Mobile Clinic

The mobile clinic plays an important role in providing regular treatment in remote villages and first aid in emergency and natural disaster. Tayyab Trust sends its mobile clinic in rural slums areas, where people were not abled to get proper and quality treatment. With medical camps and mobile clinic, health awareness program, advantage card facilities and gift of life- assistance in maternity facility also provided.

Advantage card facility

Advantage cards are issued after a careful survey and community recommendation of the beneficiary, enabling him/her to receive discounted or even free services at Tayyab Hospital Deoband. Of the 10,000 advantage cardholders families with an average of 6 members per family, 60,000 people will have access to the subsidized treatment, of which about 50 patients visit the hospital on a given day. Those who visit daily, 20% (10 Patients) require pathology or radiology diagnosis, IPD and other services prior to their treatment. In addition to that cases of normal and C-Section childbirth, pre and post maternal care and general surgeries will also be financially supported in this project.

Gift of life- Assistance in maternity

India still ranks first out of 12 countries that account for two-thirds of under-five children and maternal deaths in the world. There is a dire need for improving maternal and child health. Tayyab Trust offers charitable C-section and normal deliveries to poor and deserving expecting mothers under Advantage Card program.


Tayyab Trust organized a marriage of 52 couples, who belongs to the Muzaffar nagar riots and deserving poor and needy families. For such poor families, the marriage of their daughter is a big challenge and they do not able to fulfill a minimum arrangement of clothes, household items and the feast at the marriage ceremony. Tayyab Trust arranges group marriages in which all the marriage expenses paid by the Trust. This act was proved a historic event for Tayyab Trust.


Across the country, the highest number of disabled has been reported from the state of Uttar Pradesh (3.6 million). Disabled person can be a social, financial, mental and physical burden to their families, especially in the rural areas where lack of knowledge and training of the family limits their capacity to raise the disabled person appropriately. Tayyab Trust deeply surveyed of such disabled persons and make them self dependent and generate income for them. Every year Tayyab Trust distributes tricycle, mobile shop and wheel chair according to their needs. Under this program, a tricycle is smartly converted into a mobile shop in which initial inventory of merchandise is stocked. The operator uses it for his/her mobilization and income generation both.


Under this project, with deep and conservative surveys hundreds of widow is search out. Tayyab Trust widow support program generally focuses on young widow with small children, and elderly poor widows who have no other external support. Tayyab Trust provides food security on yearly bases, medical aid, seewing machine, ceiling fan and yearly bases cash support and in some cases housing support also has been given to such poor widows.


Every year Tayyab Trust provides a seasonal winter relief in Northern India, where in certain areas temperature drops down to as low as -3 degree. We reach out to the uprooted community of Muzaffarnagar riots, who have been recently rehabilitated but still struggling for their livelihood, to poor & needy families in rural areas including homeless communities in District Saharanpur & Muzaffarnagar. Our surveys shows that the beneficiary families are sharing 1 or 2 blanket among all member of the family, which in such chilling winter is totally insufficient to keep them warm. Exposure to harsh cold winds in December & January claims many lives every year in this region.


Under the project of FEED THE FASTING, each year Tayyab Trust distributed more than 7000 Iftaar food pack in various parts of the country to those who are fasting and also to who have no enough food to break their fast with. An event of kids feast also organized in year 2016. The kids who have fast, gathered in one place and Iftaar. A multi religious community feast is also organized in which poor and deserving from all communities are invited to jointly participate in the iftaar and appreciate the essence of the fasting month.


Under this project, a major surveyed was held and collect a number of deserving beneficiaries, who needs Income generation resources for themselves. Under the supervision of our survey team, a confectionary shop, a provision shop, a mobile shop for disabled person, and other income generation awareness programs were provided to the needy peoples.

Livelihood Support for widows by Cash and monthly food pack

Widows who have no family supp ort and they were suffering from extraordinary financial difficulties, were selected for monthly ration aid .To few selected widows cash help is also provided on a regular monthly bases. This project really proves as a boon for these widows who were helpless and lived a struggling life. An ongoing project is also in processing now a day in which construction and repairs of housing, Scholarships for the school and college education, monthly ration, emergency help, and income generation programs for widows and their children has provided.

Eid gift distribution to the poors

On the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, occasional gifts were distributed every year to such poor who has no accessibility to afford valuable gifts. Peoples who received those gifts become very happy and they felt that the festival was also for them not only for the rich person and thanked Tayyab Trust heartily. New Clothes and Eidi were gifted to the poor children so that they can also being a part of eid happiness.

Feed the poor

The festivity of Eid ul Azha iS very special as we all perform the Qurbani and then enjoy family get together and Dawats of delicious foods. We invited 5000 of such families in different parts of the country and served them cooked meals in all three days of Eidul Azha. It was wonderful to see when families came with their ladies and children, greeted each other Eid Mubarak, sat down and ate with us.The joy and that special sweetness in our hearts are unexplainable. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, cooked meal was shared among the various groups of deoband and nearby areas peoples. A huge dawat was organized for such people who have no accessibility to eat festivity of Eid-ul-Azha. Each beneficiary invited and served the food with dignified manner.

Kids Feast/ Nanhe Rozdaar program

This is the first time in Deoband, where children got the priority for the Iftaar program in Ramadan 2016. A special iftaar program was organiesd for the children of Deoband and nearby areas who has fasting. They were welcomed and served with dignified manner. A grand event was held and became a history of Deoband as no one ever did such program for children. This event was appreciated by all the community members and also by the local population of Deoband and nearby areas.

Scholarship for poor students

A survey was conducted in various schools to assess how many students, who were studying with good grades, stopped their education and dropped out due to financial control. Most cases it is the girl child loose the opportunity to go to school. Selected number of students based on their financial status, the number of siblings, total household income and expenses etc. were taken into the consideration and Tayyab Trust paid fees directly to the schools on their behalf. Although a large number of deserving students continue to apply for such scholarship assistance, but kept it limited for the poorest of the poor or students who have shown extraordinary progress, but are unable to pay for their studies.


Tayyab Trust organizes regular health awareness sessions, clinics for woman, children and elderly as part of its preventive healthcare programs. A regular session for the awareness of education was also set up for the students so that they can easily decide what they will want to do in future to grow their carrier. A carrier counseling program was also organized by Aashish saxena (Skill development incharge), to motivate the students for their bright and successful future.


Meeting with various community leader were held in different areas of the country in order to discuss about the present situation of our community peoples. The main reason for these meetings is to discuss how we can change the social thinking of peoples regarding Education, unemployment, poverty, healthcare etc. and how to cooperate NGOs work by the community leaders, so that the aid could actually reach to the deserving and needy peoples. NGO is the only stage from where we can reach such deserving and vulnerable group of people without discrimination of Religion, Caste, Groups, level, status etc. When NGOs and community leader’s work together then definitely there will be a positive and welfare change takes place for the community.

Chairman of Tayyab Trust, Mr. Asim Qasmi met various community and social leader such as - Mr. Rahul Gandhi(Congress leader), Sonia Gandhi( president of Congress Party), Mr. Mehmood Ali (Deputy CM of Telangana), Maulana Asrar-ul-Haque Qasmi (Member of Parliament), Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rehmani (Secretary of AIMPLB), Dr. T Kamaal(Social worker), Haji Rafeeque (Member of Shura Darul Uloom Nadwa, Lucknow), Haji Hashim (President of Premate Masjid), Mr. Najmul Huda(Chennai Commisioner), Mr. Bhaam (Dev Gautam (Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal), Dr. Naved Hamid(President of AIMMM), Mr. Mujtuba Farooque (Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind),Mr. Hamid Hameed (Editor of Kashmir-e-Uzma, Daily newspaper Srinagar), Mr. Farooque Sheikh( Srinagar Commisionner), Haji Dilshad Ahmad( Community leader) and many more.