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Quality and Affordable Healthcare     Video Presentation

Despite robust economic growth of India over the past two decades, the infant mortality rate is three times higher than China’s and seven times greater than that of the U.S. Of the 2 million Indians in need of heart surgery, fewer than 5% get it. The majority of the country’s estimated 63 million diabetics and 2.5 million cancer sufferers haven’t been diagnosed, let alone treated. Although India boasts 750,000 doctors and 1.1 million nurses, practitioner density is about one-fourth what it is in the U.S. and less than half that of China. Hospital beds are in short supply, and most medical facilities are outdated, cramped, and often unhygienic. In a country where the nominal per capita income is only $1,500 a year, out-of-pocket (OoP) spending is at 60% total health expenditure, which is one of the highest in the world (National Health Policy 2015). Add to this the fact that about 47% and 31% of hospital admissions in rural and urban India, respectively, are financed by loans and sale of assets.

Tayyab Trust’s initiative of affordable quality healthcare through Tayyab Hospital Deoband creatively utilizesthe public funds for subsidizing the healthcare cost for the rural poor of Deoband and nearby villages.

Tayyab Hospital Deoband

Tayyab Hospital Deoband (www.tayyabhospital.com) is a 50 bedded multi specialty hospital that offers various charitable program for treatment, diagnose, maternity, surgery medicines and 24 hours ambulance service. On an average, we provide charitable healthcare to almost 30,000 patients per year. Video Presentation

Healthcare 365

Free Medical Camps: In rural areas where medical facilities or qualified medical practitioners are not available or not affordable, Tayyab trust organizes free medical camps. On an average 50 camps are organized nationwide every year diagnosing and treating thousands of patients per year.

Advantage Card

Providing quality healthcare at affordable price is becoming a greater challenge in the country day by day. After careful surveys, Advantage cards are issued to the most deserving patients in and around Deoband, which qualifies them for subsidized treatment programs at Tayyab Hospital Deoband.

Gift of Life

India still ranks first out of 12 countries that account for two-thirds of under-five and maternal deaths in the world, there is dire need for improving Maternal and child health. Under the Gift of Life program, Tayyab Trust offers charitable C-section and normal deliveries for the poor and deserving expecting mothers.