Tayyab Trust Skill development Deoband

Urgent Appeal

Aamna Khatoon is a widow, mother of a 10 year old daughter (an orphan), extremely poor, patient of high blood pressure and asthma. She has no regular source of income but whenever she feels better she goes out and work as a maid, cleaning dishes and sweeping homes. Last year in monsoon season , the old roof of her small house fell down and the mud walls cracked. She does not have money to rebuild it, but has no option to live elsewhere either. Therefore she continues to live in the same broken house under a constant threat to her and her child's life.

We are making an urgent appeal to rebuild her house so that the precious lives in this household can be saved and they are given opportunity of a dignified and safe housing.

Cost to rebuild and moderately furnish the house is Rs 100,000

Mohammad Ilyas is a 52 year old man. He has family includes his wife and three small children. Ilyas is a pious, responsible and hardworking person who had a small shop of shoes on a busy highway. Last year his forced to close the shop because of bridge construction on the highway. Trying to recover from the loss of income, his wife developed a serious illness within months of this incident. In her medical expenses and other family expenses he lost all his inventory and cash savings.

Ilyas children had to drop out from school, he is 4 months behind in his rent and struggles to provide even one meal a day to his family.

On his behalf we are making an urgent appeal for Rs 125,000 which will pay for a fresh inventory of shoes in his shop, pay for his children arrear fees, rent, and medical bills etc.