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Widows support

Widows Housing Ashiana

Ashiana Project : Housing is our basic need, and probably one of the main responsibility of the government to ensure that every one of its citizen have access to a dignified housing. Unfortunately in a modern day imbalanced society millions are homeless or living in substandard structures. Widows in general and widows with young children in particular are the most deserving of our support for safe housing. Ashiana is our initiative to confront this problem in a small way through which we are helping the deserving widows in providing safe housing by constructing a new structure or repairing the existing ones. In the past two years Tayyab Trust has built over 200 houses for the widows in various parts of the country.Currently, we have over 100 pre surveyed widows who we would like to help.

Food & Cash support

Widows Support A widow left without any support is a disaster in itself. Tayyab Trust widows support program focus on elderly and poor widows and ones with small children ; as both groups are extremely vulnerable and later to be even more because of her age and responsblity of young children The program provides food security, medical aid and cash help.

For more information please contact Mr. Asim Qasmi, Chairman Tayyab Trust at info@tayyabtrust.org